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Laura Era, to blog or not to blog

When I told my art students that I was building my own web-site....... I think I saw "wow-ness" in their eyes (although it was short lived as I confessed that I was doing this with the help of and it was taking me many, many hours. See, I really didn't want to post my site until it was just right in my know that "1st-impression" thing. And Wix has been really very user freindly.

Back to the students...

When asking their opinion of whether to have a "blog" or not, they all said "YES' ! Not being familiar with this type of social media I am just jumping in with both feet and doing what they suggested, "Just start talking about art stuff you know and do everyday"

Here goes, but I would appreciate any feed back or suggestions, be they good/bad/or just plain shut-up!

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